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Mutilados is an interdisciplinary experience created by Ébana Garín and Luis Guenel, with the light design of Ricardo Romero and the musical composition of Damián Noguera, the play has been developed from the testimonies and stories of those who lost part or all of their eyesight at the hands of the police during the 2019 social explosion in Chile. 

The research proposes putting on stage the stories and practices of those without a right to govern, the bodies that make up an impure political movement, without hierarchy, with the power to destabilize the boundaries between the public and private, the political and social.


The play asks: How can we cleanse our bodies of the contaminated meanings imposed by a capitalist society? How can we return their inherent, particular and forgotten humanity to them? It is those very same bodies that today fight desperately to survive. They dream of an opportunity for dignity, and they stand tall on the front line to fight because they have nothing to lose, because they had nothing to start with.

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