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Who we are 

Cuerpo Sur proposes to stage the histories and practices of the bodies without the right to govern, the bodies that make up the margin, that have been displaced from the great histories. Those who are counted as numbers

in the graphs, but have no name. It is precisely this impure body that bothers the neoliberal system, and that is why it must be turned into the enemy of the State. Why? Because perhaps this body is re exive, curious, unproductive.


Created by Ébana Garín, co -founder of the company Cuerpo Indisciplinado (Indisciplined Body) and director of works such as La Clínica (2014) and Los Diez (2017), and Luis Guenel, director of Teatro Niño Proletario with works such as “El Otro” (2012), “Fulgor” (2016) and “Nobody reads  re while everything is burning” (2019).


In 2019 Ébana Garín and Luis Guenel meet at the invitation of the team of curators from the Museum of Contemporary Art Chile (MAC), to develop a performance as part of Chile's Doors Open Day. On this occasion they created NEGROS, a participatory performance, in which who can or cannot enter in the art world is questioned. At that moment Cuerpo Sur was born, as a collective that seeks to reflect and value the bodies and memories of a south body that has been categorically and historically displaced.


In September 2019 they were selected by the Ministry of Culture (Chile), for the development and premiere of the play BAILAR EL PAISAJE in Chiloé-Chile, la participatory performance created from a house in ruins. On this occasion, Ricardo Romero (Stage designer) and Damián Noguera (Composer) joined the creative team. In 2020 Cuerpo Sur is selected for Festival Belluard Bollwerk, out of 300 projects to create MUTILADOS EN DEMOCRACIA; an interdisciplinary experience, developed from the testimonies and stories of those who lost part or all of their eyesight at the hands of the police during the 2019 social revolution in Chile.

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