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Minga de una Casa en Ruinas

The House in Ruins is a performance created from the remains of a house on the island of Chiloé, at the beginning of the Chilean Patagonia. 


The research questions the meaning of house and home for human beings. A woman travels into exile in a plane that takes her away from her original home forever. A man in the south of Chile destroys his house with a tractor. People from a village prefer to let its houses die rather than renovate them for a gentrified world. A character in a film sets fire to his house to save himself from a war. A couple disappointed in love lets a tree fall on a house as a last hope of understanding each other. 


How many houses do we need to destroy to finish understanding what we are? Do we have the possibility of building another future with these ruins?. "The House in Ruins" plays with the past, present and future of the remains of a house to propose an intense journey through the meaning of inhabiting and community in a present that seems to prefer disposable houses and ephemeral homes.

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